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Man immediately calls for the police to report on white hand abandoned in his garden; coming to investigate, police is shocked at the identity of this hand
December 06 2018, 10:56 AM
How would you feel if you went out to your garden to inhale fresh air in the morning and saw a white hand that is dry and moving.

The man who lives in the United States shared the photos on the internet and hoped to find an explanation from everyone.

According to the share, that morning he had to go out to the garden and smelt a very nasty smell.  Looking at the bushes, he saw a strange object like a hand and was afraid of someone injured. However, when approaching it, he was scared to wonder what this was.

In fact, this is not an animal or human’s “arm” as it looks.  It is a very special mushroom which is commonly known as octopus stinkhorn or devil’s fingers. Before maturity, mushroom’s eggs still stay in its root  while elongated slender arms are erected up to 4-8 cm. The arms then unfold to reveal a pinkish-red interior covered with a dark-olive spore-containing gleba. In maturity it smells like putrid flesh which helps it attract insects so that it can disperse the spores.

Biologically, the devil’s fingers may make people hate when looking at it for the first time but is not toxic and people can completely eat.

However, you should only eat this mushroom in case you get lost in the forest and forced to eat something to protect your life. This is mainly because the smell of mushrooms can cause you to vomit right from the first piece.

Source: ezvivi

Vu Tam


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