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Man goes to the stinky river, catching giant fish in 1m length, facing tragedy after cooking it
January 05 2019, 10:44 AM
Hirasaka - A Japanese blogger specializes in studying fish and environmental science. He likes discovering nature, observing the ecological environment and he is also a "hunter" who always enjoys "goods" from nature.

This time, Hirasaka has come to Hong Kong to find extremely special food… Let’s see what happens next. Firstly, he rummaged everywhere to find seafood, however, he could not find anything interesting in the market. So he came to the river nearby Xin Jie area. This is a river contaminated seriously by industrial development where is very stinky. Hirasaka wanted to find something there and brought to his accommodation to cook it himself.

He threw a fish-shape bait into the black river. What comes around, goes around. As a matter of fact, he found a very huge silurus.

The fish is as long as Hirasaka. The silurus is 110cm in length. After that, he caught another fish but the second one is a little smaller than the first one. As we all know, there are many dishes from silurus which containing much protein. Let’s see how Hirasaka cooks them! After bringing the two fish back to his hotel, he observed them carefully and found many sharp nodes in its mouth. Can this be a good ingredient for making delicious dishes ?! Its mouth looks so scary. The fish is very big so he had to dissect it in the bathroom. After opening its gills, he found a lot of water-node blisters. This part looks normal after removing skin and bones. The first dish: Clean the fish, coat it with milk, water and wine. Display the pieces on the table. The second dish: Marinate it with soy sauce then grille it! It looks delicious, right. the third dish: Give it a fry then cover with sauce. The fourth dish: Fish soup. However, this is Hirasaka’s reaction. He said, “The taste is very bad! It smells like exhausted gas or some cleansing detergent, and even chemical. It’s too terrible to eat!” Look at his panic expression, we can know how terrible it is. Despite the dishes were bad, it attracted people’s attention to the problem of ‘pollution of rivers and streams’.

Hirasaka, you’re such a brave man. Bravo!

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Nguyet Hang Do

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