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Man get chest pain and have emergency hospitalization after drinking two glasses of ice water, that warns about dangerous habits
November 07 2018, 10:02 AM
Just drink a sip cold water ,man immediately got chest pain, difficulty breathed and have emergency hospitalization at night.

When working, training, traveling … People sweat out that makes them very thirsty so everyone likes to drink a glass of ice water because they think it is cool . However, using too much ice will directly affect health such as sore throat, tooth loss, blood circulation effects …

Recently, a 60-year-old man took 2 glasses of ice water, about 2 minutes later he unexpectedly had severe chest pain and had emergency hospitalization that makes many people confused.

Drink 2 glasses of ice water at same time, The man had a heart attack and got emergency hospitalization.

Doctors say the man has Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the connective tissue of the body. Inadvertently drinking too much cold water at the same time causes arterial spasm in the surrounding digestive system causing arrhythmias and aortic aneurysms. Fortunately, he spent 30 hours fighting for the life and escape the death.

On the other hand, when drinking too cold water into the body will inhibit the vagus nerve – the nerves of the sympathetic nervous system regulate the activity of the heart. When this nerve is inhibited, it can cause a slow heartbeat, even high blood pressure.

Yvonne Bohn, a cardiologist at the Cystex Medical Center, said that drinking ice after eating can cause vagal nerve damage through the nape of the neck, leading to a decrease in heart rate.

To avoid body from heat shock, you should use cool water instead of ice water

The incident also warned many Vietnamese about the ice cold drink habit. To avoid body heat shock, you should use cool water instead of ice water at too low temperatures. This will help you protect the digestive and gastrointestinal functions of the stomach and intestines, so that they will not hurt and work better.

To ensure their health and well-being, doctors advise young people, normal health can drink cold from 8-15 degrees C. Do not drink too cold water or hot water over 45 Grade C will affect enamel and lining the palate, esophagus, stomach.

You should drink ice slowly with a straw to avoid heat shock.

For elderly people, especially those with heart disease, cerebral circulation deficiency, rheumatism, gout, bladder disease, chronic pharyngitis should be careful when using cold drinks. They should also limit water and salt intake to reduce the heart’s load. When drinking, drink slowly, take small sips. Should drink before or after meals for 15-30 minutes, but not immediately to avoid diluting or reducing enzyme activity (except meals are more stimulant, eat dry, more fat). Do not eat or drink, especially cold water.

Warm water should help detoxify, purify the body, improve blood circulation, good digestive system, lymphatic system and kidney.

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