Man fakely collapses on street to trick money but no one care, until motorist fractured 4 ribs of his

Posted on 08-08-2018.

No one cares about him until he was hit by the motorbike - why people are so cold?

Recently a video of a man fakely collapsing on the street has gone viral.

He was walking normaly then suddenly, fell down the street.

Many people around him were curious about his action, yet no one came to check on him.

Suddenly, a motor behind crashed over, making him jump off in pain.

And he jumped out of his “unconscious” state before.

Until then the people gathered around him.

It is reported that the man was mentally unstable, therefore neighbors couldn’t be sure what he was doing. That’s why they didn’t come to check on him at first. Moreover, the man is reported to have 4 ribs fractured.

Watch here: