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Man eats honey from the hover, which makes netizens “scared”
August 30 2018, 10:17 AM
The boy publicly eat honey at the bee nest without any fear.

In recent days, netizens have widely shared the clip describing a guy eating honey near the bee hover.

The nest of bee flies

Surprisingly, he did not wear protective clothing. He seemed to eat very deliciously while the herd of bees were excitingly flying around him. Maybe you think his actions were very dangerous but they weren’t. Perhaps the bees in the clip are believed to be bee flies which are often considered to be harmless to humans. This species does not give humans serious stings like wasps so this man could be so risky to eat the honey from their hover. However, instead of bee flies,  if he hadn’t wore protective clothing could not have the opportunities to show off his trophy on social networks now.

He seemed to eat very deliciously while the herd of bees were excitingly flying around him

Not long ago, a video about the similar situation to this video has rapidly spread on the Internet. However, the video recording people burned the incense in order to expel   the bees from their nest. After that, people took the honey and enjoyed honey together.

Expel the bee from the nest and take the honey 

Although bees give us honey, many species are very dangerous for their venom. Therefore, you are advised not to play or tease the hover. Remember to wear enough protective clothes to ensure your safety when attacking the bee nests.

Don’t tease or play with the hover

Watch video:

Vu Tam


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