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The man has done cosmetic surgery for 25 years just because he wanted to have “tiger” face and the result is…
November 06 2018, 4:21 PM
He decided to make cosmetic surgery to contribute to bringing the tradition of the tribe  develop further. 

People often have plastic surgery with the desire to be more and more beautiful, but have you ever heard that some one does plastic surgery to make yourself more unique? The man from the United States is such a person.

Dennis 25 years ago and now

Dennis Avner is 47 years old from the United States. He considers that Indians gare able to wear colorful costumes and iron rings to disguise symbol of their tribe. As the result, he decided to make plastic surgery to contribute to bringing the tradition of the tribe  develop further. From 1980, Dennis has undergone a myriad of plastic surgeries for 25 years. According to preliminary calculations, the cost of Dennis has dropped to at least 20.000 dollars.

He always wanted plastic surgery to look like a tiger

His face changes completely

He is satisfied with appearance

Now his face changed completely. He even pulled out his teeth and planted new tusks. His lips were surgically extended under his ear, and he added 18 more iron nails to his tusks. In addition, the nose and eyebrows have undergone surgery, the underarm muscles are pumped silicon to match the face of the tiger and cat.

Watch video: 

Source: ဟာသ & အေထြေထြဗဟုသုတ


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