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Man with “demon face” told his girlfriend: “Thank you for being with me!” before he passed away on his birthday
September 13 2018, 11:22 AM
She had been with him through thick and thin, through the last day of his life. Her sincere love for him moves millions of people.

Not long ago, the story of the guy suffering from cancer which makes his face deformed and still being taken care of by his dedicated girlfriend received admiration from thousands of nietizen. The man in this story suffered a serious illness which made his eyes bulging. His face was also being distorted. However, over the past 3 painful years, his girlfriend was always there.

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On his personal Facebook page, the girl often posted photos taken with her boyfriend with encouraging words. On the 3rd anniversary of love, she also gave her boyfriend a warm, sweet party. Many people would be terrified by his distorted face but she didn’t. She had taken care of him since day one with the same happiness and loving smile.

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She spent her youth to be with the love of her life, making his days less monotonous. The caring of hers somehow made his physical pain a bit less painful.

On the boy’s birthday, there is no gifts, musicbut the girl had hand-prepared the birthday cake with sparkling candles to surprise him. The photo of the guy is praying warm everyone’s heart. Sadly, it was the image of the young man’s last birthday party.

After a long time suffering from physical illness, the guy is unable to cope with the disease any longer and has gone forever.

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The moment he blown the candle was also he last moment breathing

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Many supportive words have been sent to the girl after he passed away

Laura Condor said: “Be strong!Stay strong! He will always by your side one way or another.”

“Thank you for letting me believe that true love really exists. I hope he rest in peace.” said Peter Jawnen

Perhaps if anyone asked about true love, this couple’s love story is the most obvious evidence. From the moment they fell in love to the moment he’s gone – this is what true love is like.

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