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Man daringly spray paints the back of his iPhone and it looks absolutely amazing
July 06 2018, 4:51 PM
Stefan Acanski was once a dental technician by day but a spray paint artist whenever he gets the chance.

Stefan Acanski was once a dental technician by day but a spray paint artist whenever he gets the chance. His channel Skech Art has gained viral fame since he started posting process videos of how he’s able to layer dozens of cans of spray paint into ethereal and otherworldly scenes.

He’s done the traditional planets-in-the-sky on a large white board.

But his more recent take on the art genre by creating a miniature portrait on the back of his iPhone (not iPhone case!) really blew up in popularity.

The Germany-based Serbian artist started gaining quite the following for his regular work—but late last year, when he finally launched an online store to sell his work, he found himself with a fantastic problem.

“I have so many orders now!” he said in a Youtube video. And he was finding that he could barely finish them all with his day job.

After some deliberations and some calculations, he decided to make the leap. He quit his job as a dental technician, and dedicated himself to his spray art full time.

“I love my job as a dental technician, but I love you guys more,” he told his followers.

In addition to his viral process videos, he also uploads a lot of tutorials and tips and tricks for his followers on Youtube who want to take up the craft as well.

“I have so many ideas,” he said.

Acanski learned how to spray paint through watching Youtube videos himself.

“Every single year I learn something new about spray painting, from other artists, from my own mistakes, and things like that,” he said. “I have something to say to all of you who are beginners—-just keep painting and never give up.”

“My favorite part is when I remove the lids from the paint,” he said.

Source: NTD

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