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Man cuts off his ribs and wears a corset every day to have a tiny 20-inch waistline 
August 20 2018, 3:24 PM
Currently, he is very popular among TV shows.

      Rodrigo Alves recently showed off his tiny waist in a Brazilian TV.

Rodrigo Alves cut his four ribs last March in order to look slimmer

He is well known on Instagram and has nearly 700,000 followers

Recently Rodrigo Alves shared that he is disappointed after cutting his ribs, he did not find himself slimmer unless he was wearing a corset.

Rodrigo Alves is also more likely to have stomach pain after eating, sometimes he feels painful just by walking.

What a bitter price to perfect one’s look and become the “human Ken doll”.

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Nguyen Mai Huong

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