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The man buy fishs to cook soup, slit fish’s belly out and find a thick plastic bag, when pulling it out, the whole family celebrate: “that’s big profit!”
January 04 2019, 3:29 PM
Buy fish to cook dinner, but just by slitting it out, the whole family is happy: "it is a gift of heaven"

A man in China has shared a 1-0-2 story with his family that his family has encountered, now this story has received a lot of positive reactions from people.

Remembering that day, he spent nearly 20$ to buy a small fish in the market, when he told his family members, the family members said he was stupid, bought expensive.

He thought about it, anyway, he bought it anyway, it was definitely not possible to pay it, so he put it in the kitchen and then cut fish for cooking.

When slit to the abdomen, he was amazed.

Hearing the sound of the man , the family rushed to the kitchen, he was excitedly looking at everyone, he said: “After the surgery, the fish discovered a small blue bag, it looks really special. so I was a little panicked. ”

After washing the water, slowly open it, including some bills. At this time, the family members laughed out loud.

Many netizens left comments:

“You are so lucky, I eat fish very many times but have never witnessed such a situation.”

“What a heavenly gift”

It is very likely that the fish has eaten the wrong money so it happened in such a case, he decided to keep these notes as a souvenir as well as a blessing for the whole family.

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Phuong Thao

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