Man beating woman so hard OMG!! Fall in love with wrong guy or girl

Posted on 08-08-2018.

It's unlucky if you have a bad boyfriend or girlfriend.

Perhaps, in love, people always expect the happy moments, the beautiful memories together. If their love has the happy ending, people will live together for the rest of their lives. But imagine if you love or marry a violent man, you will have to bear the whip for a lifetime, will you accept to love a man like that? The girl in the clip, because of getting angry so she hit her lover, then this man brutally beat her despite some people’s intervention.

After being beaten, the man hugged his lover. 

However, she does not want to forgive him and push him away. 

He begins to get angry and beat his girlfriend. 

He beat her brutally. 

He even makes her fall down on the ground. 

He continues to beat her although a woman intervenes.

No need to say, choosing a good lover is very important.

Watching video: 

Xuan Trinh