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Man has 13 more teeth than average people, but that’s not the total number!
January 26 2019, 9:08 AM
Since he was 15, he has growth one more teeth each year.

But what happens when we have too many teeth? “No problem,” you mutter under your breath, “one or two more can’t hurt, right?” Maybe not, but how about 13 extra teeth?

The patient is Do (28 years old in Vietnam). He said that since he’s 15, he has growth one more teeth each year. The man thought it was just the wisdom teeth and ignored the pain.

But this time, the pain in his teeth is increasingly unbearable so he went to the hospital to have his teeth checked. His teeth shocked all doctors in the hospital to the core.

Normally, an adult will have 32 teeth. And we use them to bite into a delicious apple, chew a piece of meat or form the sounds in certain words. But this man? He has 13 more teeth than that.

This man? He has 13 more teeth than that. 

He said that since he’s 15, he has growth one more teeth each year.

All his teeth are crooked to have space, causing decay and infection. The man is set to have all his extra teeth removed.

He still has many teeth that haven’t grown yet

Mr.Do is not the only one in this world with more teeth than average people.

Meet Vijay Kumar from India who has 37 teeth in his mouth – with five more than the average person he hold the world record for the person with the most teeth.

According to the Guinness World Records Kumar beats the previous record of 36 teeth.

The 27-year-old has always been aware of his unique feature, but did not realise it was a world record. He believes this accolade makes up for the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

“Wherever I go, I have to brush after lunch,” he told Guinness. “Sometimes if I don’t clean it up, seeds get stuck in the upper jaw.”

Source: Vietnamnet


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