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Making BBQ and eating hotpot doesn’t need a pot like “office chef”
October 28 2018, 9:19 AM
When you want to eat hot pot without having to go to the restaurant, this is the most practical way.

Ms Yeah – a girl from Chengdu, China – is extremely famous on the social networks. With her creativity and ingenuity, the 24-year-old girl  has made netizens have “fever” by making cooking videos from items available in the office. Therefore, netizens began to call her “office chef”.

What’s special in the clip is that ms Yeah creates the most delicious and sophisticated dishes by taking advantage of all the items available in the workplace. She cooks Sichuan lamb skewers in super tepid, bakes bread on a CPU of a computer and even makes steamed dumplings with steam iron and many other unique cooking methods. In this video, we will have opportunities to watch how she cooks hotpot and has a delicious at her office when she doesn’t have any pots there.

After receiving a air purifier, she came up with an idea to eat hot pot.

Taking inspiration from the hair spray bottle of colleague, she thought about producing a pot.

She started designing the pot.

Here is her finished product.

After that, she had a delicious hot pot with her hand-made pot.

Using the given machine, she even made tofu.

Because she was too thirsty, she made orange fruit.

Do you believe that she produced mask from the air purifier?

Watch video: 

Video source: 办公室小野官方频道 Ms Yeah official channel

Video source: 办公室小野官方频道 Ms Yeah official channel

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