Make Simmered Chili at home with 4 steps
September 14 2018, 2:34 PM
Homemade Simmered Chili is not only attractive but also hygienic. Let's do it with Feedy!


- Goat horn pepper: 200g

- Garlic: 1 tbsp

- Sugar: 150g

- Salt: 2 tbsp

- Roaster sesame: 2 tbsp

- Garlic: 1 tsp


Step 1: Put goat horn peppers to a boiling water pot and boil for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Pick goat horn peppers out, let them cool and then blend by a blender.

Step 3: Put a little cooking oil to a pan, add garlic and fry then add blended goat horn pepper, 150g sugar, 2 tbsp salt and mix. When sugar is dissolved and the mixture is viscous, add 1 spoon of fried garlic, 2 tbsp roasted sesame, mix for some minutes.

Step 4: Let it cool, put to a glass jar and store in refrigerator.

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Minh Thuy

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