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How to make Salted Egg Custard Steamed Bun with 8 steps
September 11 2018, 10:39 AM
These delicious salted egg custard steamed buns can easily be made at home. Let's do it now!


– Steamed salted egg: 5

– Powdered milk: 40g

– Condensed milk: 45g

– Coconut milk: 50g

– Melted butter: 50ml

– Wheat flour: 325g

– Instant yeast: 3g

– Sugar: 33g

– Non-sugar milk: 135ml

– Baking powder: 4g

– Egg white: 30ml


– Step 1: Steam the salted eggs then mash.

– Step 2: Mix salted egg with 30g powdered milk, 45g condensed milk, 50g coconut milk, 50ml melted butter and then put into pastry bag.

– Step 3: Place the mixture in push-pop cake pan and freeze for 10 hours.


– Step 4: Add 250g wheat flour to the bowl, add 3g sugar, 3g instant yeast, 30ml cooking oil, 135ml non-sugar milk and mix. Then, knead the dough carefully and put it to the bowl, use plastic wrap the bowl and leave the powder for 1 hour.

– Step 5: Take the flour, mix with 75g flour, 10g milk powder, 4g baking powder, 30g sugar, 30ml egg white and knead the dough again.

– Step 6: Divide the flour into small balls, leave the flour to rest for 5 minutes.

– Step 7: Get the kernel out. Flatten the dough and put the kernel in the middle and tighten (each bun consists of 2 kernels). Leave the cake for 5 minutes and then steam for 10 minutes.

– Step 8: Put the buns to a plate and enjoy!


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