How to make Mango Ice Candy
September 13 2018, 8:18 AM
Not only helps you cool down but also supplies the necessary vitamins, mango ice candy definitely is a great ideal for the hot summer days.


- Ripe Mango: 900g

- Lime juice: 1 tbsp

- Sugar: 4 tbsp

- Honey: 2 tbsp

- Whipping cream: 200ml

- Small plastic bag: 10


- Step 1: Cut the mango into pieces, freeze for 2 hours.

- Step 2: Add mango, sugar, honey, lime juice and whipping cream to the blender.

- Step 3: Blend the mixture until it is smooth.

- Step 4: Spoon the mixture into small bags and tie with rubber bands.

- Step 5: Freeze for about 6 hours and enjoy it. Good luck!

Huyen Nguyen 

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