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Mailman runs as fast as possible when watching the giant python tightly wrapping the mailbox
February 13 2019, 4:06 PM
Recently, people was surprised when knowing a huge python appears on the mailbox.

Do you believe that a giant python will appear in the public area? Many people think it’s impossible when the type of python won’t be at a crowded area. However, the thinking is completely incorrect when a similiar case has been happened recently.

A mail carrier in Missouri was sent running after discovering a large snake wrapped around a resident’s mailbox.

Overland Park Police shared photos of the Red Tail Boa, originally misidentified as a Ball Python, slithering around the mailbox outside a home in the Kansas City neighborhood on Friday.

“The poor resident did not receive their mail today (obviously),” the police department wrote.

Police spokesman Officer John Lacy told The Kansas City Star that the mail carrier called animal control after making the startling discovery.

It took three animal control officers to corral the snake, which was then taken to the Great Plains SPCA.

Lacy said the snake was likely an escaped pet and would be returned to its owner if reported missing.

To sum up, although everyone don’t know the origin of the giant python, it should be taken to the natural environment.


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