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Magical moment: baby was born and magically rescued on the lifeboat
December 01 2018, 10:32 AM
The mother succeeded in giving birth on the lifeboat. She happily smiled when her newborn was 3.6 kilos heavy and named after the boat. 

Today, on the social networks especially huge pages, netizens widely shared the photos that shows a pregnant woman supposed to be Thai gave birth on a rescue boat. Everyone was happy when she gave birth to a very cute and chubby baby who was 3.6 kilos heavy. The photos has immediately attracted great attention from netizens who sent best wishes to the mother and her baby.


It is known that this woman was in the last periods of pregnancy but she still wanted to go to the sea. Unfortunately, when she went far away from the seaside, she suddenly had severe abdominal pain, which made everyone on her boat worried. At that time, because there weren’t any medical or delivery devices, people were quick to find support. Luckily, two rescue workers arrived in time to deliver baby for the woman. As a result, the baby was born in safety and welcome of everyone. After that, both mother and baby was quickly returned to the seaside.


This special baby was named after the rescue boat. Now, the baby and mother are taken back home. Their health is very good.


Vu Tam

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