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The luxurious life is overwhelming of the super rich people in the world, Everyone is shocked when looking at the toilet
February 11 2019, 3:47 PM
Gold inlaid, encrusted with diamonds, everything is normal things that aristocrats still do to show class.

The rich people in the world always have a very special spending style that makes people respect. They love gold, diamonds, the most luxurious brands to prove their class.

Be dazzled by the series of “super products” only giants have the opportunity to touch their hands below!

Aristocratic toothpaste (120,000$)

 Diamond-encrusted headphones (700,000$)

Vicuna brand wool socks (200,000$)

Cloud sleep lamp (70,000$)

Handmade steel knife in Germany (50,000$)

Famous pencil of Castell firm (70,000$)

Iphone inlaid with solid gold (170,000$)

 Zafirro shaver (16,000,000$)

24K fine gold toilet paper (800,000,000$)

Pot made of gold, encrusted 1500 diamonds and 500 rubies (180,000,000$)

Golden keychains encrusted with 4517 diamonds (180,000,000$)


Monolithic diamond ring (352,000,00$)

Pure gold toilet (125,000,000 $)

Are you overwhelmed by these expensive things?

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Phuong Thao

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