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Only loyal husband has these 8 signs, CHECK THIS OUT
June 27 2018, 2:06 PM
You may hear the romantic "You never know" in "The shape of water", but this version, sung by a 93-year-old man to his dying wife can literally tear you up.

Watch here:

Marrying just like gambling, you may win, but you hold an equal percentage of losing. So, I hope the list below can help you win.

1. He doesn’t hide you anything

Secret is dangerous between husband and wife. He should feel the joy in sharing with you his daily life, his problems,… Don’t become the person he want to hide his problems or weakness. As you can’t be his anchor, he can easily find other in the crowed world population.

Little secret between couple can keep the heat in marriage.

2. He hugs you when sleeping.

Women love hugging. Being the little spoon makes women feel little thus need the protection from her big spoon – the husband. Many have admitted that they love waking up to the feeling of their significant others’ arms around her. Holding wives in the sleep is a silent gesture, showing the possession as well as careness of man towards the woman of his life.

3. Holding hands in the crowd

Many married couple “forget” that holding hands used to be a loving gesture between them. Holding hands in the crowd can give the woman a sense of safety. She can be relief that the alpha is here.

Meanwhile, man who doesn’t want to hold hands to his wife is conveying a message. He may feel ashamed of her, or he doesn’t feel the gesture necessary. This can lead to ignorant husband and reserved wife.

4. He knows how to deal with your rage

Many men lost his mind in quarrels. Man has a very big ego, thus if he is showing that he does listen to your opinion and considers it – he is THE MAN.

No one want to admit their mistakes, not to mention man. However, knowing when to say sorry, and showing that winning in quarrels is nonsense is a sign of good man. He sorry because he put himself in your shoes to understand, or just to ease you down are different. Women need to distinguish these 2.

5. He is willing to share the housework with you.

Man who care won’t let his wife do all the work. He will observe to see if she is overworking herself and need help at the beginning or throughout the time when living together. He is aware that housework is the duty of people living inside the house, not the women living inside it. With this acknowledge, the man of your choice will know what to do. Thus, you won;t become the ugly, annoying, complaining wife.

6. He will update you about his work, schedule…

Going outside to drink with his friend all night without wife knowing where husband is, so normal. However, a good man will automatically notify you about his schedule, where he drink, who he go with to ensure you. Thus, he’ll remember to text or call you. Business trip is no exception.

7. He respects you and your family

Even if he’s busy, an ideal husband will still make time for you and your family. Going to the park, cooking together is a sign that he puts family ahead.

8. He is NOT ashamed to bring you to his friends’ gathering.

He will be proud of who you are, despite your apperance, your job, your everything that the society base on to judge. Leaving you home to have fun with friends is a dangerous sign. He may feel that, your position is in the kitchen with the dinner plate, or you are such an embarrass.

Knowing these signs can help you decide whether to spend the rest of your life with a guy or not. Choose wisely, because you DO have a choice.


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