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Loving the woman sweeping the garbage, the girl often bought lunch to invite her, one day accidentally caught her son, she was extremely surprised
January 30 2019, 3:56 PM
She thinks that just needing to help parents, a little suffering is worth it.

My had not had a boyfriend before, because she did not dare to believe in love today, but recently she dated a guy, because he was too good for her. When she was most in trouble, he always helped to encourage her, which made My feel very warm, so she agreed to be his girlfriend. Her boyfriend said his parents were leaders, the family condition was very good, only looking at the appearance of the boyfriend, My also could guess.

Boyfriend treated My very well, often took her to the restaurant, gave her many clothes. Although My thought that was a bit wasteful, perhaps this was the way the boyfriend expressed love for her, so she didn’t say anything.

Near the place My lived, there was a kind-hearted woman. Once when My’s money was stolen, that woman helped her get back. Since then, My began to pay attention to the woman sweeping garbage, once My saw her having lunch only with dumplings and water bottle, looking very pitiful. At that time, My thought of her parents at home also saving like that. Since then when My met her, My often brought lunch, My saw that woman as her mother.

At first, the woman sweeping garbage did not receive it but found My was sincere so she also accepted, and said My later did not have to buy anymore. But My still persevered with buying, sometimes My helped her sweep garbage. After that, the two of them were close to each other, started to talk more. My loved her because she had to work hard although she was old. That woman said she had no other way, her husband also swept garbage. They had a son but he did not go to work, liked going out all day, when having no money, he came back home to ask his parents.

That woman was very worried about this son who had not been able to be independent yet, but they could not do anything to change. Recently, her son also asked to buy a car, she did not have money in the house, she had to borrow to buy for her son. Hearing that, My was very sympathetic, until one day My accidentally caught her son, she was extremely surprised.

That day, My brought rice for the woman sweeping of garbage, but when My came near, she looked someone who was familiar. Looking closely, she realized that he was her lover. Feeling strange, My approached but her boyfriend left, she quickly asked the woman sweeping the garbage. It was known that he was her son, he came to ask for money to play with his friends.

My was shocked, she knew that her boyfriend had always fooled her, he always proved to be the man having the money, and My hated this type of person the most. Then she actively broke up because she could not accept such a lover.

Men must be self-sufficient so that everyone respects, if they use sweat and money of their parents to satisfy their bad habits, they will be looked down upon.

Source: DKN.TV

Minh Chi

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