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Loving a childish girl, do you dare to be with me until the end of your life?
November 15 2018, 10:43 AM
How to love a childish girl?

Love me – a childish girl, do you dare? If you are a “bossy man”, you will not think and just say, “Dare, why not!” But if the answer is “Dare” then maybe he was wrong right from this moment! Since love a childish girl will be extremely tired and hard ,you know? So, if your love is big then let’s say it, if it’s not enough, wait for me to be mature then we love each other!

Because loving a childish girl means….

Arguing 2,3 times a day so you need to persistent !

You are lover as well as her brother!

You have to be gentle to understand her!

When she heartless not to pay attention to you!

Sometimes she is selfish just want to be the unique person in your lap!

You’ll be tired of waiting for her to be more mature!

She is just seducing, just stubborn but vulnerable. Do you dare to love her?

Hai Linh



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