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The lovely orangutan holds the beautiful girl’s hands and does not let her go
August 31 2018, 10:16 AM
The lovely orangutan holds the woman's hand and does not let her go.

Perhaps anyone who comes to wild forest will think that wildlife is very scary and animals always try to avoid or attack humans. Therefore, when visiting the primeval forests, visitors are very careful about all the animals. However, this orangutan will help you have a very different view about wildlife – friendliness and kindness.

In the video, this Orangutan grabs hold of a girl on holiday and won’t let her go in this amazing animal video.The Orangutan leads the woman by the hand and takes her round with him, similar to a real life King Kong and Ann.

The Orangutan  seems to be very friendly. He shakes his hands to many people. However, when he holds a woman’s hand, he certainly does not let her go. The female visitor seems to be scary at the beginning and tries to take his hands out. Then, she starts to accept this actions.

Hugging or holding someone’s hands is the way the a monkey uses to express their feelings. Recently, a baby Orangutan won’t stop hugging starving mom.

The roughly 20-year-old orangutan, who was later named Mama Nam, was a victim of the recent spate of fires sweeping through the jungles of Borneo. When Mama Nam’s forest burned down, she lost her home as well as her source of food. But she wasn’t about to give up on the little orange bundle who was clinging to her side.

When the IAR team arrived, they found Mama Nam and her baby camped out in a nearby tree. Though Mama Nam was weak with hunger, she was determined to protect her child, and it took three anesthetic darts to knock her unconscious so the rescue team could step in.

But despite her struggles, photos show just how much her little baby needs her. Even as Mama Nam lies unconscious, her child won’t let go of her emaciated body, hugging her mother tight as the medical team gently works around her.

This Orangutan grabs hold of a girl on holiday.

And won’t let her go in this amazing animal video

The Orangutan  seems to be very friendly.

Orangutan is a very friendly to people. This actions show that they love people like their fellow-creature. Therefore, let’s protect wild animals!

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Source video: Newsflare

Source: The dodo

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