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The lovely Chiba dog gets upset because her bowl has no rice
July 17 2018, 2:54 PM
Recently, a clip for the lovely Shiba dog is widely shared online, the angry dog threw his bowl to 'warn' his owner when he leaves his bowl without rice.

Watching video: 

And today, we are going to find more information about this Chiba dog. Where does he live? Why was he so angry and did this action?

The dog lives with his beloved owner in Japan. The owner said that his age did not affect his cheerfulness at all. Every time Maru is hungry, he goes to his own bowl and throws it in front of the owner to say that ‘I am hungry, but there is nothing in my bowl’

Let’s see some images of this cute Chiba!

His name is Maru. His funny clip has been shared widely on social network. 

Maru is a male dog. He has a cute playful character like a little puppy. I do not believe that it is 10 years old now.

A ‘guy’ on the luxury car with very far look.

After the dog had showed that habit,the owner took a video clip as a punishment but he do not know that it makes people fall in love with this dog.

Looking at this lovely Chiba can makes you laugh all day. 

He has his own fan club.

Xuan Trinh

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