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Have you loved your parents enough? Meaning story should be viewed once in a lifetime!
August 10 2018, 5:25 PM
"What is this?" The old father repeated the question forth times. His son was angry with his father. One minute later, his tears did not stop flowing. The story is extremely meaningful and leaves a lot of emotions for viewers.

If the love has the length, then the love of children for parents compared to the love of parents for children having the difference? This question, it is worth for all the children pondering.

The dad and his son sat in the garden.

The father and son sat reading the newspaper in the garden. The old father looking a bit slow, his eyes looked around the garden while his son was attentively reading the newspaper. Suddenly, there was a sparrow parked on a branch of the tree where two people were sitting..

The dad saw a sparrow

The father asked a sentence: “What is this?”

The son heard his father’s question, he raised his head to look at the tree and replied, “A sparrow.” Answering this question, he continued to read the newspaper.

The sparrow parked on a branch

The sparrow continues to pass branches. The father asked continuously, “What is this?”

The boy reluctantly raised his head, frowned and said, “Daddy, I have just told to you, a sparrow?”

Finished, he continued to raise the newspaper to read more.

The bird flew away, then flew down another grass. His father’s eyes followed the flight path of the bird, then he curiously asked, “What is that?”

The boy showed more impatience, he folded the newspaper and said to his father, “It is a sparrow. Dad, just a sparrow! ”

Then he pointed at the bird, spelled each word for his father and turned around, scowled at his father.

The son scowled at his father

He did not look at his son, still calmly gazing out at the sparrow, asking like a probe: “What is that?”

His father’s question made him angry, “What do you want after all? How many times have you said it, it’s just a sparrow, can not you hear me? ”

The father stood up and walked into the house…

The dad went to the house

… brought out a small diary, lightly flipped the page and gave the son read: “Day … month … Dad and I went out in the park, when I was 4 years old, this is the first time I saw the sparrow and I asked, ‘Dad, what is that?’, he replied to me, ‘That’s a sparrow, honey.’

That day, because I did not remember the name of the bird so I asked 21 times, 21 times dad answered my question gently… Each answer, he hugged his innocent baby, smile happily…”

The dad gave his son a small diary

After reading, the son cried and embraced the dad: “Daddy, I’m sorry … I’m sorry …”

Perhaps, the old father is not confused, just looking at the sparrow, he remembers the close intimacy between the two person before so he deliberately asks him like that. But warmth in the past has become a distant memory …

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