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The love story – falling in love through ‘binge drinkings’ and behind the wedding photoshoot ‘Female-groom – Male-bride’
December 12 2018, 3:46 PM
Unlike many other couples, this couple begins their love from 'binge drinkings' like men.

Love story starts from binge drinking

Unlike many other couples, Nhu Hao (1995) and Minh Phat (1992) began a love that was not very romantic. They both know each other because Hao is a patron of the restaurant of Phat. She often came here to play cards, have some drinkings and chit chat with friends here. Often, restaurant is not so crowded, Phat often join playing with his Hao’s friends. Gradually, two people close like friends.

Maybe their love story will not go anywhere if not both of them break up with lover at the same time. Sympathetic to each other’s circumstances, both Hao and Phat often invite the party to drink and talk ‘like the men’ together. At this time, perhaps due to exposure too much and also understand the characteristics of each other, so they gradually love each other.

After a period of time, Phat said love and was accepted by Hao. ‘I really liked him a long time ago so when he expressed his consent, I agreed,’ – Hao laughed as she said.

They both began to love each other after the conversation about the ex-lover

Love story of ‘two men’

Because of their masculine nature and ‘innocence’, even when they were married, their love affairs were still ‘masculine’ as they used to be. Hao shared that Phat is very gentle and often give up despite being teased a lot.

The character of both quite ’emptiness’ so their love story is always fun

Even, the way Hao’s organizing birthday party for the lover … is not very romantic. She book hotel room and asked friends to bring candy to surprise him. He thought that birthday only him and his lover, he ‘naturally’ to take a bath and when step out of the toilet will receive birthday cake with the wishes of everyone in the state of … nude.

‘We are pretty cool but we should love each other, but we can not be angry long enough.’- As Hao shared.

Sweet wedding with unique wedding photoshoot ‘Female-groom – Male-bride’

Although there are quite happy love story but both have experienced less turbulent before can go to the shore of happiness. As Hao shared both have also split a few times because of the problem of old people. The main reason is that when they first fell in love, both knew very well about the old man should have a comparison in the process of love. However, perhaps because they love each other so much that they overcome these obstacles and come together after the romantic proposal in Can Gio beach earlier this year.

As Hao recounts: ‘It was my birthday, so I hung down to Can Gio beach and ate the dishes I liked. Right there, he proposed the proposal in the middle of the beach. No flowers, no romantic candles, but every time I think of myself still feel moved by his sincere confession ‘.

Minh Phat decided to sacrifice his wedding photos with his wife

After the marriage proposal, the two also prepared for the wedding, at this time, Hao was pregnant for 3 months. Wife is too hard to wear heavy wedding dress, Minh Phat gave the idea of taking pictures of “Female-groom – Male-bride” and changed his role with his wife. Instead of wearing the same groom’s gown, he wears his wife’s wedding dress, changing to his wife’s suit. Interestingly, both the bride and groom on the show were naturally in spite of being changed roles, so as soon as the series ‘airing’ received great support from netizens.

Wedding photos of both get the attention of the online community

At present, after 8 months of marriage, both have a 3-month-old boy smart and beautiful. More about marriage life, Hao said: ‘After the wedding, we are still happy and lonely as a new love. Other than the boys now, we are less likely to go out. He loves me and children very much, always just worried is not enough to care for us.’

‘Through many things, going to this day may be due to both the couple always trust each other. I think that just by trusting each other, we can overcome anything” Hao added.

Minh Phat is a very loving wife and child

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