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Love at first sight, man left work and waiting for 50 days at the bookstore to meet his crush
January 29 2019, 3:47 PM
Waiting for a long time, this guy coming from Beijing, China even determined to sue the girl he met in the bookstore with the aim of finding as fast as possible. 

For the first time, the man met the “crush” of his life in a bookstore in Beijing on September 24. He even remembered the person he loves worn a yellow hoodie and leggings at that day.

He even said that there was eye contact between the them. At this moment, he also realized that he fell in love at first sight.

However, the girl then quietly left, which made Sun not find the area because he didn’t know her real name, age or other information.

But he never gave up, Sun decided to go back to the bookstore and repeated it over 50 days. He started from 11am to 5pm and hoped to have the opportunity to meet his .

He even quitted his job and had to borrow money from friends and family to maintain life in the pursuit of love.

Many netizens say the story is not romantic at all. They thought that he was such a dangerous man and worried about her safety if he found her.

One Weibo user wrote: “This is sexual harassment instead of love.” He was a follower, and completely disrespectful of the girl. She should stay away from him.


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