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The love diary of wife exposed conspiracy to take husband’s life
December 16 2018, 10:24 AM
In the diary, the wife and the mistress write the words of love making many people stunned.

Just because not controlling master the minds of many people in spite of everything to chase the wrong love. The end of these relationships is not always the dream, but the bitterness and tragedy.

In 2015, residents of the Epping area in Melbourne, Australia shook the news that the man Sam Abraham was found dead at the couple’s apartment. When police arrived at the house, Abrham was sho. Before marriage, Sofia was acquainted and fell in love with a guy named Arun in college. In 2008, Abraham and Sofia married. This man works in the wing signs of salivating, doctors could not save the victim. Sam Abraham and his wife Sofia met while living in India

The end of these relationships is not always the dream, but the bitterness and tragedy

Result of autopsy

Police said Abraham could be poisoned with cyanide at home before dying. Through the investigation, police discovered a diary between Sofia and Arun. In it, Sofia and old love save passionate love for each other. They suspect a secret relationship during the time they have their own family.as been written by two writers for many years. Sofia writes about the desire to sleep in the arms of old love, while old love says that Sofia is the person he loves most. Sofia wrote in her diary: “Planning is always an idea without a plan, not a dream.” In addition, they have a diary that was collected by the police from a computer hard drive.

According to the Herald Sun, Sofia’s former romance Arun planned to kill Abraham that Sofia did not know. He hid himself in the house of old love and drugged the whole family including his six-year-old son. After a trial, Sofia was sentenced to 22 years in jail and Arun was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the crimes committed by the two.


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