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Love away’ through the network, Husky calls facetime extremely lovely with its boss, hearing sweetly not sustained
December 07 2018, 3:59 PM
It's hard to believe, but this Husky is chatting with its beautiful young host through the Facetime application.

Because the geographical distance is so far, Husky and its boss need to find a appropriate communication method so that when they are far apart, they still can inquire and care each other. Accessing to technology like human do, Husky also know how to use Facetime that is the most modern and famous application nowadays.

The stupid face even if Husky is the most serious

Sitting in front of the screen of laptop, Husky and its boss can see each other but because of the language barrier, they only can talk by expressing emotions through Husky’s gestures.

Husky’s face does not understand anything

At first, Husky don’t understand all things the beautiful young host said so it only knows shook its head, looking very cute.

Because of not understanding, Husky only knows shook its head

But later, this dog has found a common voice with its host and has chatted up excitedly. Its flapper howls, being “detestable”

Husky howls flapper to respond its host

Although Husky is often called as “the silly dog”, it lives very emotionally, doesn’t it?

Husky’s lovesick is showed by its eyes

Minh Chi

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