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Losing his way, the vulnerable dog trembling and crying makes people just want to hug him
September 11 2018, 4:12 PM
The dog was found in a vulnerable situation because of being left alone.

Dogs are emotional and vulnerable animals. They even cried in trouble or danger. This dog in the clip makes many people burst into tears because he cries continuously.

This dog is in a state of complete distraction and fear even trembling despite the relief organization help him to keep calm. His eyes makes everyone looking at it cannot hold his tears.

The inscription in the hidden place where the puppy was left said that “AJ is sweet, gentle, love the beauty, especially he loves other dogs. Currently, he is losing his owner, he is suffering from depression, cold and need your help”

Obviously, any dog owner will agree in saying that dogs are very expressive creatures. Through a combination of verbal and non-verbal cues, we have learned to identify when a dog is feeling emotions such as happiness, excitement and nervousness.

However, when it comes to sadness, it can be tricky to pick out specific cues a dog may exhibit. We know that when humans are sad they show it with tears, but are dogs able to do the same?

When it comes to answering the question of whether or not dogs can cry real tears, the answer is an unsatisfactory “sort of”. Owners of light coated dogs can certainly attest that dogs have working tear ducts; just take a look at the staining that can happen on light coats!

Dogs do, in fact, have the same tear ducts that perform the same functions as a human’s. That is, their tear ducts release the basal tears necessary to keep the eyes moist and the reflexive tears needed to flush away irritants and allergens.

But do dogs have the tears that come in response to emotional stimulation? These emotional tears are produced in a much larger volume than either basal or reflexive tears and are what many people refer to as “real tears”.

Dogs are emotional and vulnerable animals.

They even cried in trouble or danger.

Therefore, let’s look after your dog carefully!

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Source: BarkPost

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