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If you are losing your motivation in life, watch this cat walking with a busted leg
November 11 2018, 8:17 AM
Watching this video about an amputee cat will make you gain more strength in life.

This is a touching story about a cat which can’t walk properly with a twisted leg.

But it becomes a way of life to him. Although it is difficult to live with a twisted leg, this cat still amaze people when running.

The local people said it has been a month since the injury. The cat has been wandering the streets with its injured leg for a month.

The cat is living in a dark basement. It has been watching people from a small window. People passing by but kids notice the cat and throw rocks..

For a tiny fragile life to live, it is not a safe environment for him.

This cat also avoids people. If he meets human, he will run to escape immediately.

Therefore, local people put food on a hideout and wait for the cat.


It came out. It’s more hurtful to watch that the cat can’t even eat comfortably because it’s scared of human.

The cat finally was hospitalized for checking health conditions.

The doctor said “It must have been a heavy object like a tire or a wheel that ran over its leg. The pain must’ve been unbearable”

Life on dangerous streets after breaking the leg seems to be more difficult with this little cat.

He has overcome the leg surgery. The doctor said it has only three legs now but after a week, it’ll walk well.

Thankfully that cat stays strong. If you are losing your motivation in life, watch this cat walking with a busted leg and think twice again about your life.

Watch video:

Source video: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

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