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Look at the lines on your wrist! Having 3 lines, you will be very lucky, be careful if you have only one line!
December 07 2018, 8:51 AM
According to the general anthropologist, wrist can speak about the character, talent and longevity of each person.

Most people have a wrists line, which represents the health, the longevity of each person. If this line is straight and bold, you are a healthy person. Besides, this is a person with good financial skills, he/she is always confident, enthusiastic in the work so he/she have the right to work soon.

Having one line on the wrist

If the lines are short, blurry and broken, it is a sign of poor resistance or disease. This person also has many difficulties, problems in the work so his life is only ordinary employees.

People have a curved line that is broken into a lot of love coast, marriage is not beautiful, or conflict occurs regularly.

Having two lines on the wrist

People have two lines are wealthy people and have good fortune. If the two lines are clear, this is a very talented, intelligent person who know how to earn money.

People have a dark line and a faint line, the money in life is average that is not too rich.

If both lines are dim, this person has a very precarious life. If he/she does not protect the property, it can be fooled by the fraud. The life is miserable and meet failure continuously.

Having three lines on the wrist

Not everyone has this feature. If anyone have it, he/she will be wealthy. This person was born with full of conditions. Moreover, they have a strong personality, so he/she can create their own career. If the lines are deep and seamless, the more successful they are, the more money they have.

Having four lines on the wrist

This person is the representative of perfect life. If all four lines are clear, it proves that they have benefactors, life is good. Moreover, they also have great blessings on the children. This person will live comfortably, enjoy to the end of life without worrying about daily life.

Xuan Tr

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