Loaning money for profit to celebrate the girlfriend’s birthday party, the gallant young man suffers from his mother’s gruelling

Posted on 07-07-2018.

The secondary-school boy who not only pawns his motor bicycle, but also loans money at high interest to celebrate the girlfriend's birthday party is beaten strongly and constantly by his mother.

Watching video:

The short video records the scene of a secondary-school boy beaten barbarously by his mom. The main reason is revealed that she finds her son pawn his valuable motor bicycle, even loan money to show his pride with girlfriend.

It is known that, despite being young, he has a girlfriend. In order to celebrate a big party to her birthday, he is willing to pawn his cell phone and motor bicycle which are bought by their parent’s strenuous money. Futhermore, she is also angrier when knowing that her son loans money for profit to spend extravagant.

However, when the group of usurers arrive her home to find him, the mother after that is so shocked. Too angry with the action of son, this woman takes the whip and beats constantly into his body like his unforgettable punishment.

Look at the house from outside and the mother’s dirty clothes, it is clearly understood that his parent are just worker and not enough rich to give him more pocket-money. Because of recognizing the fault, he just stands up there and bears his mother’s punishment.

After posted on social network, the video attracts many attention of netizens. Most of them express the dissatisfaction with his behaviour and the sympathy to his mother.

Hoang Yen