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When you live next to the hair salon: freaking out whenever taking out garbage because it’s look like crime scene
November 27 2018, 2:50 PM
Unlucky for any laborer to collect garbage, perhaps they will run away when seeing "this horror black bag!"

“When my neighbors dump garbage!”

It is a status of FB account named Trieu Linh about the obsession has just met in front of her house: garbage bag of neighbor! The cause was mixed in the waste junk that had been thrown away with a mannequin head resting with a pair of piercing eyes. Witnessing this scene, everyone will be so scared.

Eyes are still staring…

The story of this young girl also quickly get the sympathy of numerous netizens, because everyone must at least shiver when seeing the same black bag, whether or not it is daylight. The proof is that the post has received thousands of likes in a short time and is being discussed

“If you have to throw away these things, remember to cover up carefully to prevent making people scared.”- Facebook Huyen Tong comment.

Dieu Linh

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