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The little girl going shopping with her father was watched by a stranger but was lucky to avoid being captured because of a simple habit of her father
January 29 2019, 10:33 AM
This is a wake-up call for all of us, especially parents often take their children out for shopping.

A security camera on the sidewalk of a quarter in China has captured the image of an unsuccessful kidnapping, which is noteworthy for parents.

Accordingly, A father and his daughter went shopping together to buy things from the market. The father took his daughter about 3, 4 years old without noticing that right behind him was a young man in a hooded shirt waiting with a suspicious gesture.

After shopping, the father took the child away but the stranger immediately followed and grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her.

Fortunately, the father always held his daughter’s hand so he immediately realized the problem. He kicked the abducter so this man had to give up ran away.

The case may have been successfully executed by the kidnapper if the father went ahead and left his daughter behind without the habit of holding her hand. Just a few seconds of turning away and letting children out of sight, parents will probably regret their whole life.

Kim Ngan Do

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