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The little girl with disable arms was raised by monk, he kissed lightly on the cheek and said: “Be strong”
September 14 2018, 9:43 AM
Maybe the reason that parents abandon the baby is because the two hands of a child with a defect.

Parents are sure to understand the feelings of pregnancy and bringingup, but why are they so heartless to throw away their children. It is known that the baby was left in front of the pagoda gate at midnight, fortunately the God has given her a chance to meet this monk, now he is carrying baby and has named her Tran Kieu Ngoc Nu .

A gentle monk takes care of the baby

She has disable arms

We need to reconsider the issue, parents who are pregnant. They should not care little reason that heartless to throw away their baby. Parents, whatever happens, try to sacrifice for their children so that when they mature, there will always be a homage to their parents. It is impossible to understand how they can be thrown away baby, how their conscience will feel for the rest of their lives.

He kissed lightly on the cheek

Maybe the reason that parents abandon the baby is because the two hands of a child with a defect

Although parents no longer need baby but fortunately the baby again to meet the monk. Everybody hopes that the present as well as future will grow in happiness, best wishes to the baby.

Abandoned children have tended to increase in recent years. Not long ago, mother who abandoned baby at airport breaks her silence. When Katherine Penny, the 23-year- old daughter of a middle-class couple, abandoned her baby outside a Portuguese airport and boarded a flight back to Britain with her boyfriend, it shocked the nation.  Speaking for the first time, Penny, whose parents, ironically, are senior social workers skilled in childcare, claims that it was post-natal depression which caused her to abandon her baby.She also claims that she attempted to have the baby taken into the care of Portuguese social services at the airport but that nobody showed up to take him.

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Reference Source: Daily Mail 


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