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A little girl beggar was discriminated, the reactions of passerbys were unexpected
August 24 2018, 10:00 AM
What would people do if they were in this situation ?

.We meet beggars everyday, especially in big cities where there is a great amount of the homeless.

Recently, the number of children begging has increased dramatically. More heartbreaking, the age of 5-13 years old is mostly forced to go begging by their parents.

This has a host of negative effects on children’s actions and thoughts. When a child goes begging, he or she may be exposed to all sorts of dangers, some even life-threatening. Particularly, it may be the high possibility of cross-border trafficking of children, which has been a serious problem in any societies.

This man showed his ignorance and irresponsibility

Related to this topic, this short video was recorded by a hidden camera, filming every reactions of passerbys to this girl who begged for an ice-cream. But the point was, the seller refused to serve this poor buyer.

Even though she claimed that she would pay for the ice-cream. But the cruel seller constantly said that the money was stolen and she kept pushing her away !

The cruel seller kept refusing to serve the little beggar even though she said she had money

So, what would the passerbys do ? Well, from the video, we can see that while some ignored this poor little girl’s circumstances, some showed their admirable kindness.

They gently bought for her a new ice-cream corn without arguing with the cruel seller. The busy road was suddenly ‘warmed up’ by these lovely actions !

This young man should be praised for his kindness

However, lastly, you still have to stay alert with all the strangers coming across.

There are old people, children and even the disabled. While some’re badly in need of our help, some just take advantage of others’s kindness as a dirty way to make ends meet.

We must have heard a host of case beggars cheated on passerbys to stealing all the property, or beggars fought back when they were not given something.

Another moving case of a little beggar on China’s street, despite the cold in the middle of winter, this poor little girl still covered a blanket and studied. Passerbys give her money or food.

Such a powerful and willing girl ! Is this a bright example that we should follow ?

Watching the video:

source: Hidden camera

source: Hidden camera 

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