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The little cute dog with polite manner goes viral on social networking sites
October 07 2018, 10:02 AM
People are surprised at the adorable dog who knows how to say "Hello" to others, use money to buy stuff.

This little dog named Saedo made everyone around adore because of his cute acts.

This boy knows how to bow to say “Hello” to others like a truly Korean.

Everyone were surprised with his polite manner.

The grandmother even gave him some money as a reward. As expected, he was so excited and immediately went shopping.

He went to the convenient store and took his favourite one.

But the store owner said “But that’s more than one thousand won”.

So what’s he gonna do when he only has 1000 won. He acts “aegyo” (cute things) to the owner and finally successfully buys the food with discount price.

The dog owner said “I don’t usually smile a lot but whenever I take Saedo outside, he’s acting cute in front of people all the time”.

Saedo even knows how to ride the bicycle with his father adorably.

The owner said he and Saedo will live happily like this until they departed this life.

Watch video:

Source video: 애니멀봐

Source: 애니멀봐

Hoang Ngan 

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