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The little boy’s cute “accident” at the wedding made the bride, groom and all the guests burst into laughter
August 09 2018, 5:03 PM
Despite the accident, this little man still managed to deliver the cakes to the groom.

The recent video shows the adorable moment of the little boy having an “accident” on his way to deliver cakes to the groom on the wedding day.

The cute boy practices in the rehearsal day

As in the rehearsal the previous day, the boy walked straight to the groom and bride’s place without getting any trouble. However, in the event day, the boy walked from the door like having practiced before but suddenly got tripped over on the stair step that made everybody there can’t stop laughing at his cuteness.

He just did like practicing before

Thanks to the help of other people, the boy succeeded to deliver the cakes to the groom and the wedding still went on all right.

He had small accident but everything was fine

Watch video:

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