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The little boy run away when two ducks chase him because of thinking that he is their ‘mother’
September 14 2018, 10:31 AM
Thanks to his father's help, he can get rid of two 'stalkers'.

A baby got to experience a funny situation , thanks to 2 little ducklings that think that he is their mother and follow him.

Thanks to his father’s help, he can get rid of two ‘stalkers’.

The boy was playing on the ground..

He suddenly got chased  by 2 little duckling

He must ask his dad for help

While this may seem odd, it is quite common among animals. Known as imprinting, it is a natural biological phenomenon that occurs in newly-born birds and mammals, allowing them to form a bond with their mother as well as providing them with information about their own identity. For birds like ducks, geese and turkeys that start walking as soon as they hatch, the imprint occurs instantly, which is what happened in this case.

There is one unique ability limited to birds alone that makes geese, the first, and ducks, the second, most natural animal companions to humans. That ability, which is one of the strongest forces in nature, is the imprint. No one understands exactly what happens inside a bird’s brain when imprinting occurs, but the results are unmistakable. The imprint is strongest in geese and almost as strong in ducks.

Anybody can get into this situation like the boy in this lovely clip if we were the first thing that newborn ducks see.

13 little duckling think that he is their mother and follow him around all day

A man named Rick finally got to experience what Mother’s Day feels like this year, thanks to 13 little ducklings that think that he is their mother and follow him around all day. The unusual saga began when the mother of the young chicks disappeared soon after laying the eggs.

To save them, Rick, who will not reveal his last name or location, decided to place them in an incubator. Hence, when the chicks hatched, the first large moving object they saw was Rick and immediately concluded that he was their ‘mother’.

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The Reference Source: Huffingtonpost

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