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Little boy hugs mother tightly and cries out because she holds his younger sister
November 10 2018, 10:30 AM
Do you have any younger sisters or brothers? How do you feel when your mother gives birth?

If you have a younger sister or brother, you will probably understand the feelings when your parents no longer spend all their time on you. Now you must share the love of parents for the younger, so perhaps jealousy and sadness is inevitable.

The video clip recording an adorable moment shows the mother is lulling her little child in hand. However, her 4-year-old son standing nearby can’t bear being neglected by his mother and then he firmly clutches her feet. The boy hugs mother’s feet tightly, calls her and sometimes even tries to climb up to mother’s body. He holds mother’s hand as if he wants to say: “Mom, do not carry baby anymore, hold me please”. This action makes people both laugh and feel sorry. The jealousy is showed clearly when this boy hugged his mother for a long time and he seems to burst into tears because of unhappiness.

This may be the popular feelings of little children when they have more younger brothers or sisters because they are still too young to understand the family love. Therefore, if you want your children understand and love their younger ones, please stand by them as a close friend to talk and tell them stories!

Watch video:

Video source: Video Yan Kids

Video source: Video Yan Kids

Vu Tam

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