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Listening to music while charging the phone, the daughter’s deceased body made her mother be obsessed
December 07 2018, 10:52 AM
The young girl's body was bruised, with burned skin due to electric shock. The victim' mother said she had just entered the room to call her daughter to school, she was shocked to see such a scene.

Another heart-breaking incident occurred because of using the phone while charging. The victim is a 17-year-old girl in the Philippines, the incident makes netizens discuss in a widespread and inconclusive way.

Philippines media reported that the victim’s body was found in bed in bruised and blackened state. At the scene of the incident, the local police discovered the phone was being charged and it exploded. On both sides of the victim’s ears were imprinted because of wearing the headphones.

Philippines media reported that the victim’s body was found in bed in bruised and blackened state

The initial cause was that the girl used a headphones connected to a mobile phone while charging it in bed. By accidentally falling asleep while wearing headphones on both sides of the ear, the victim forgot to draw out the phone charger, causing the battery to heat up and explode.


The face of the victim was severely deformed by electric shock

The phone was short-circuited and immediately passed through the headphones making the girl die in place. When discovering, the victim’s body was burned, plastic wire of the headphones was flowed. The entire face was swollen, deformed looking extremely horrible.

The scene made everyone be obsessed

Parents of the victims also said that this girl had the habit of listening to music at bedtime. But they did not expect that harmless habit to be the cause of killing their daughter. This will definitely be a warning for those who have a habit of charging and using the phone at the same time.

Source: Daily Mail

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