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The lion enter in the village and meet the dog! Unbelievable thing happened!
September 11 2018, 4:30 PM
The lion crawled into the village to find food but encountered a brave dog.

A brave dog surprised the people of India after chasing a shy lion out of the village, the UPI reported.

The video was shot on 4.9 by a farmer in Jungagadh, Gujarat, India.

First, the video shows a lion wandering through the land of an Indian farmer, apparently looking for food.

The lion enters the village to look for food

But the farmer’s dog immediately barked, chasing the lion. Stopping for a moment, the lion looked at the smaller animal and then ran away.

The brave dog saw it and barked 

A shy lion hears that and run out of the village

In India there was a similar incident: Hero dog saves owner from lions in Gujarat’s Amreli

When a man was attacked by three lions in Amreli’s Ambardi village in Gujarat, his dog knew exactly what to do.

On seeing the man under attack from the wild animal, the dog immediately began to bark with an intention to attract the attention of people nearby. Luckily, people were quick to gather at the spot and the lions fled after seeing the crowd.

Interestingly, the dog remained unhurt. But Bhavesh suffered minor injuries on his back and arm when one of the lions hit him with its paw during the whole episode.

So say, dogs prove time and time again that they are man’s best friend.

Watch video:

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