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“Linda, honey, just listen!’: Three-year-old boy Mateo makes a compelling argument over spanking and cupcake for dinner
July 20 2018, 5:01 PM
A little boy made a powerful “debate” as to why he should have a cupcake for dinner.

Three-year-old Mateo didn’t want to eat dinner. He felt that since he’d already eaten lunch, a cupcake would make a suitable meal.

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When this argument failed to win over his mother Linda Beltran, he decided he might have better luck with his grandmother.His mother says that if Mateo thinks he has a valid argument, he’s sure to speak his mind.

Lucky for us, his mother quickly recap one of his “debate”


Mateo, looking up at his mother and attracting attention ‘Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me!’

While most of the argument is unintelligible, the gist seems to be that he deserves a cupcake and definitely not ‘pow pows in the butt [a spanking].’

He begins to refer to his mother as ‘honey.’ ‘Linda, honey, honey, lookit, look at this,’ he says. Beltran says Mateo calls her Linda when he is very serious and wants to make sure she is paying attention.

His love for his little brother Kevin is admirable, too.

When Linda says that she’s going to have to spank both Mateo and Kevin, Mateo says that she shouldn’t spank him, nor his little brother.

‘But he’s my little Pa-Paps!’ he replied.

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