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Life is too stressed, Japanese choose this way to entertain, so funny!
June 10 2018, 8:22 AM
Everybody has their own method of reducing pressure in life. 

Watching video: 

Everybody has their own method of reducing pressure in life.

And he also has his own way to entertain himself

He is choosing his favorite song.

This office worker chose to dance with the game machine. He was seemingly a typical Japanese servant in a clean-lembed suit that looked very mature. However, when he stood in front of the dance machine “Dance Evolution”, he seemed to turn into other person.

A humorous dancer in serious suit

He danced AKB48’s song with his suit. It can be found that he was very fluent and flexible. The contrast between his appearance and his moves made the netizens laugh.

This video is super humorous!

Xuan Trinh

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