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How is life before and after marriage different?
October 05 2018, 1:55 PM
Many people ask: what is love after marriage? What impact on the love of couples after marriage?

Many people ask: what is love after marriage? What impact on the love of couples after marriage?

Relationships change over time. Will love after marriage be as intact as it was at first. Love is interesting because the feeling is waiting, looking, but when moving to the stage love marriage seems to be “overshadowed” by some responsibility in life.

The pictures below will show us what a difference between before and after wedding is. Everyone must admit it is too accurate.

Before you get married, your man is willing to do anything for you. He will make you ecstatic with unexpected gifts, sparkling bouquets and winged sayings. But after the marriage, all that sweetness was sparse, even disappearing.

Not only men but women also often show the best aspects of personality, habits, lifestyle in front of the enemy. But when it becomes a wife, husband, cohabitation has deprived all the beauty (sometimes artificial) because the insiders will gradually reveal their true nature.

Before marriage, you see him very neatly, always appearing in the dashing, perfect as possible. After the wedding, he suddenly became unusually distracted, even having a habit of throwing out indiscriminate clothes all the time and never getting home.

Many girls still hope their handsome boyfriend will maintain the same style after marriage and then fall into the overflowing frustration. In fact, men invest their time, money and energy in caring for their appearance (both before and after marriage). Maybe when dating, they will dress better than little notes. But after marriage, most of they abandoned the care of the face, saying no to sports exercise, eating as they like …

The next stage is different from the previous one. Marriage requires a new skill, wife skills, husbandry, caring skills, parenting skills.

Previously, retained relationship are the gift, the flower bouquet, after marriage, what makes the relationship become strong are their children

Desiger: Luong Bao Anh

Hao Luong Luong


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