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Letting kid play with charging phone, mother cries her eyes out when it explodes like a bomb
August 06 2018, 3:49 PM
Despite how much they regret, the kid can never be with them anymore.

Phone explosion is no longer a shocking story to us. They often leave haunting memories to parents and family members of the victims. However, many thought that phone explosion can never happen to them, that why they keep using their phone why charging.

This is an underestimated threat that we should raise our awareness of.

Recently, a video record mother cried her eyes out next to a bed. Her son was lying there, and he can never waken up again.

According to the parents, they were charging their phone and the kid just picked it up to play games, The phone heated up and eventually, exploded. The boy was seriously burnt. The family immediately took him to the hospital but to no avail. He’s gone forever. Looking at her son’s lifeless body, the mother cried her eyes out in regret.

The accident set an alarm to parents else where, especially ignorant ones. Take these risks easy is very dangerous, because they come from our normal necessities. Hopefully, there’ll be no accident like this in the future.

Watch here:


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