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Let’s see how gay make a scene of jealousy, they are dreadful like women do that
December 06 2018, 3:51 PM
The special clip of making jealousy makes many people can not stop laughing.

Making the jealousy is always an attractive theme on social network. From cases of husbands leaving their wives to come to his mistress, wives leave their husbands to be adultery with young lovers. There are even unbelievable jealousy like husband leaving his wife to live with old mistress. Perhaps, the clip below shows the two gay guys fighting for a man. While the man in pink tries to hold onto his lover, his lover is determined to protect his new lover. The special thing in this clip is the style of jealousy that viewers can not stop laughing.

The man in pink gives himself very fine arts. 

While his lover is determined to protect his new lover. 

He starts to beat the rival. 

But the man prevent him from beating his mistress. 

He even takes his hat off. 

The man in pink tries to grab at his lover, but he does not care. 

Xuan Trinh

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