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Let the son play in the back seat of the car, mother suddenly hit the steering wheel, made the son’s tongue to be cut off
August 09 2018, 9:59 AM
When driving a car out, parents must pay special attention to the child seat in the car to keep children safe.

On the morning of August 4, reporters went to Xincheng City Hospital in Xi’an City to see a doctor who was treating a boy with a broken tongue due to the mother’s inattention.

According to the doctor, on the afternoon of August 2, a mother panicked to bring her 1-year-old to hospital. At that time, the child’s mouth filled with blood, constantly crying.

Before this, the mother drove the car out and brought her child. As a matter of fact, she only gave the kid sitting behind the play, nor did he use a dedicated child seat.

However, when reaching a corner, the mother pedal brakes, the boy lost balance by tumbling forward, the chin hit the door knob. Not only that, the tongue of the child also severely injured by the teeth bite.

‘The mother said that she was driving a car carrying her two children out, and the boy sat with his sister in the back seat. strong in the door, the child’s tongue was cut in half, the wound is very heavy. ‘

After the examination, the doctor diagnosed the 2-thirds of the tongue on the right side of the baby with severe tearing and swelling.

Although the wounds are deep but luckily the tongue has not been cut off, the boy is now undergoing surgery to repair the tongue.

Doctors say that during vacations, the hospital routinely receives pediatric cases of broken teeth, head traumas or mouth injuries.

The main reason is from the parents’ subjective, do not have the habit of attaching extra seats or wearing a seat belt for children.

It is important to check that your child is sitting in the back seat and is safe to be able to return. Also, do not let your child sit alone in the car. Because of the cold weather, or the high summer temperatures, there is the potential for danger to children.

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