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Let daughter make “magical” slime that many children love by herself, her mother panics when the hand blisters from severe burns
July 23 2018, 11:13 AM
The 10-year-old girl's hand was burned with chemicals when she made her own toy with formula on the internet.

Slime is a kind of “viral” toy that attracts the attention of many children around the world. This type of toy has a dense plastic, smells light and feels wet when touched. It allows players to creatively transform into different shapes thanks to the special structure of the material.

This toy is getting “hot” from all around the world

Not only is the toy that many children love all day, but this kind of “magical slime” also stimulates the visual and tactile development of the children, so that parents have no reason to stop and forbid them from playing. Because of the attractiveness of this type of toys, many videos have been made for children interested in hand-made toys for themselves without knowing the risk.

Recently, a mother in Midlands (England) has warned parents of the dangers of toys that many kids love. Her 10-year-old Layla Fisher went online to look for slime-based formulas and later used a PVA (glue gel), shaving foam and contact lenses that contains a lot of Borax chemicals (also known as borax).

Layla taught herself a formula on the internet to make slime toys

However, after playing the self-created thing, her hand appeared with blisters as severe burns. Gemma Williams, 39, said it was due to borax, a substance commonly found in household cleaning products, that caused painful blisters on her daughter’s fingers. After taking the child to the doctor, there is no doubt about it anymore. Boron is the main ingredient in borax compounds, used to make this toy thicker and sticky. However, the European Chemicals Agency warns that boron can cause infertility and serious eye irritation, even it can harm the fetus if a pregnant woman comes in contact with it.

Her hands were severely burned

“We were shocked when my girl suffered a severe burn and her doctor told her that she had a chemical burn from her slime,” Williams said. “The girl’s skin was severely injured. With chemicals like this, it’s not just a matter of skin but also a long-term health.”

The skin was infected

Williams said her daughter learned the formula online and made many different types of lubricants. Most recently in June, she made her own slime and played for about 2 hours. That night, Layla told that she felt irritated at her hand and the next morning it was getting worse. Now, burns have developed into skin infections. She was prescribed with antibiotics and creams to moisturize her skin.

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